Planning For Tomorrow Youth - Uganda

FJJCreations has been a P4T member since 2015.
Today #FJJC was able to send $125.00 !!!

This helped with teachers that otherwise are there as volunteers
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We are 'personally' involved with this group and therefore know that 100% of ALL funds sent go directly to the need. It's why I ONLY give direct! I want to make sure to fully use the funds available.

P4T is a humanitarian youth led Community Based Organization (CBO) that was started by refugees in Kyangwali refugee Settlement, Hoima –Uganda.


P4T began in 2007 and got the legal status in 2013 with Registration number CD/WG/0199/13. P4T operates with vision of “A healthy and self-reliant community that is empowered with knowledge and skills”.


Since last year 2015, P4T has partnered/ collaborated with in order to create the tomorrow we all desire. is working hard in hand with Planning for Tomorrow (P4T) in providing quality education to build a sustainable young generation with knowledge and skills in refugee and host community of kyangwali, Hoima uganda.


At P4T, We thanks the Directors and founder of for continueing supporting, advising and collaboration with us to build sustainable hope.





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