Sky Kids Uganda- Update on ours kids!!

Update on the Kids!!

Ronald started Auto Mechanic School !!! 
We adopted Ronald 3 years ago in Uganda. We are family & friends with Joseph & Ruth that run Sky Kids Uganda --  -- I'm able to do this because of the support you all give me. I really can't thank you enough!!!

This is 2014 when my husband went to Lweza, Uganda to live out 'my' dream. Due to my health I will not ever be able to make this trip, but the loving man he is... he went for me. He fell in love with the kids...just like I knew he
He plans to return for the both of us in 2018


Since then our family friends joined us and we were able to bring Ronald back together with his brother & sister that he had been separated from for many years.
We now together 100% support these kids as our own family.

Again, thank you!!! Ronald-Henry & Prossy are all doing great!!!
A little love goes a very very long way.
Henry's english is getting really good and Prossy is getting over her shyness and becoming a lovely young lady. Makes my heart smile!


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